Get that HGTV Moment! 3 Reasons You Need an Interior Designer

In today's world, it would be difficult not to know something about interior design in all its iterations. After all, we have Pinterest, design magazines, and an entire home and garden television network that all bombard us with fun design ideas. Getting ideas that you think would be great in your home is no problem at all. But turning those ideas into a well-appointed room is a different thing altogether. Let us show you three examples of how we work and why having an interior designer makes life easier.

1. At La Finca Interiors, we like for our clients to begin with an idea and then allow us to assist them in getting the look they want, just like on HGTV. Let's pretend you want to "jazz up" your bedroom, your favorite color is turquoise, and you love the farmhouse trend. Here's a photograph of a bedroom that might just get your creative juices flowing:



The combined textures, the white walls, the aqua-colored glass bottle bedside lamp, all make this room cozy and inviting. The aqua knit throw and the velvety aqua throw pillow scream, "Take a nap!" Taking the ideas from this photo, learning exactly what you love about it and what you don't (for example, the matching furniture set is a little uninspired) and creating a bedroom you will love is a part of the magic.

2. Or maybe you want a living room that is fresh, uncluttered, clean but still welcoming and homey. Many homeowners are just not sure how to find a style they like and then mold that style into a setting that is right for their family. We took on a similar challenge for one of our recent clients and they loved the end result:



Yes, you can have a contemporary look without sacrificing a cozy ambiance. This living room is clean and fresh, but still invites you in for relaxed conversation or play time with the kids. We often hear statements from our clients such as, "We just don't know how you did this!" 

When you work with our team at La Finca, you will see that we can take the ideas you have about your decor and make them come to life. Just like those moments on Trading Spaces, when the homeowners entered their house for the first time after the gifted designer made their wishes come true, you will find our designers can use the choices you have presented concerning your interiors and make them into a reality.

3. Another reason interior designers are so helpful in turning your design dreams into reality is that they know "tricks of the trade" which many who have not studied in the field do not know. One example is "balancing" a setting. Something as simple as arranging throw pillows on a bed, or creating the right groupings of vases or candles, can make a real difference in the way a room comes across and how balanced it feels. There are even well-known "rules" that decorators use as short-hand when they are designing . . . though we think it's fun to break the rules from time to time, too.



Let us help you clarify your ideas, offer you examples and opinions, sort them out for you, and give you that HGTV moment you've always wanted. Every time we make this happen for a family, we are just as excited and happy as the homeowners themselves.