Peace in the Middle East - Rugs To Soothe the Soul

Your home should be your own personal oasis. One way to transform it into a whole new world . . . go on a magic carpet ride, of course! We love adding a Persian or Moroccan Rug to a room for immediate impact.


Look at the statement the red rug makes when added to our stark white kitchen! We love the way it pops and provides a focal point for a long narrow space.


The effect's a little more subtle in our design for a kid’s room. Still, the rug’s russet hues provide a soothing contrast and extra warmth with the space’s minimalist feel and black and white palette.

Be aware, authentic Middle Eastern rugs do not come cheap. They’re an investment, just like a quality piece of furniture. However, they do tend to hold, and even increase, in value. If you’re willing to sacrifice some quality, synthetic will save you money. But owning the real deal is a lot like owning fine art. It’s a lifelong love affair.

Source: Artifact Uprising

Source: Artifact Uprising

With that in mind, don’t be afraid to get up close and personal with the carpets while shopping. You want to touch and feel the rug. Handspun wool will feel fleecy and soft. It’s also stronger and lasts longer. Flip over the rug and look at the tightness of the weave. Also examine the uniformity of the knots. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. A reputable dealer should help you through the selection process.

One dealer we love is Heja Home. They offer endless color and pattern options, from bold to subtle, traditional to modern. ABC Carpet and Home offers a nice selection of vintage rugs as well.

Source: Amber Interiors

Source: Amber Interiors

If you’re considering selecting a Middle Eastern rug to rock your personal kasbah, let us help. We'll use our expertise in high quality floor coverings to create a Finca especially for you. Contact us today to get started.