Kid-Friendly Design Can Be Chic, Too...We Promise!!

Want those perfect, Pinterest-worthy room layouts without compromising the safety of your child or valuables?

How surprised would you be if we told you it was totally doable? Very?

Well, it is!

And we have evidence to prove it!

Let’s start with a look at one of our favorite projects- this lovely Ross Valley home- as an example of the perfect balance.



The kids station makes this room the perfect balance of chic and kid smart. Leaving things out and compromising on elegance generally comes to mind when kid-proofing but this time we decided to add something.

The child-size station distracts your tot, but does not take away from the classy sophistication that characterizes the room—in fact we like to think it adds to it!

Just to be sure though, most of the accent pieces in this room are thoughtfully arranged near the centers of the tables, high on the mantelpiece, or on a sideboard which incorporates both height and placement to make sure everyone (and everything) stays safe.

The reachable items placed on the coffee table (plants, books, ashtray, etc.) are either in a basket with sides or are heavy enough to be fairly immovable—as well as large enough to not be a choking hazard.

The soft pouf-style ottomans have two ingenious childproof features: they are too soft to create a bumping hazard and they are too squishy to be used as a step up to reach those décor pieces that are out of reach for a reason.  

Real life problems solved by chic solutions!

Our Ash Avenue home showcases similar qualities.



Another décor-matching playroom that includes your child! The white tables, neutral grays and browns carried throughout the house are mimicked in this playroom that we wish we had growing up!

Even the little stools have similar large counterparts in the kitchen area of the house. That’s the kind of continuity and cohesive design we strive for without excluding anyone in the family.

San Anselmo portrays perfectly how to add a pop of color while feeding your child’s creativity—all while allowing you to keep your house muy chic!



The browns and whites of the playroom act as a canvas to bring out the deep blue chairs and pretty silver crayon holders.

The bedrooms keep the airy feel characteristic of the house but the pillows and toys placed just so keep it homey, not to mention shatter-proof.

Older kids have their own considerations to keep in mind.

The Bretano Way house tackles those problems—most of which are organizational!



The white shelves and nightstand keep that growing collection of books off the floor, while the wire basket keeps the sports equipment from under the bed.

And who doesn’t need a little desk to make sure that schoolwork gets tackled and no homework gets lost?!



If these weren’t inspirational enough, drop us a line and we can get that truly chic and perfectly kid friendly room started for you! We look forward to hearing from you.