Mix & Match: Getting Creative with Textiles

Textiles add dimension to your home with texture and pattern. Keep them smooth and solid. Pair shaggy with patterned. Choose between coordinated and contrasting. There are many ways to incorporate textiles into an interior to create a welcoming feel and add visual interest. 

Getting creative with textiles is a fun way to play with decor details and often leads to beautiful results. Here are just a few of the fun ways we have used textiles in our interior designs:

Faux Fur

Shaggy throws and rugs, like real or faux sheepskin, create a cozy space. They’re perfect for snuggling up with and can even keep feet warm on hardwood floors. The style can be used in children’s spaces, like here:



But they can just as easily add a luxurious touch to a chic adult space: 



A silky soft, furry throw on a bed will make it that much harder to get up in the morning! 





Fabric with a distinct pattern can instantly attract the eye and create a focal point in a room. Try selecting different patterns, but with a common color palette. Throw pillows on a couch are an easy way to practice.



Let a special pattern pop. Place a statement piece among non-patterned décor so that it stands out and catches the eye, like this playful zebra rug in a nursery: 




More Than Just Fabric

 Go beyond textiles in order to add texture to your space. Wicker or rattan furniture can be the perfect accent that adds a subtle tactile effect to a room.



Woven baskets add texture, but also storage (and who doesn’t love more of that?)


Cane chairs have texture and pattern, but also lend a timeless feel. Don’t pass up the next one you spot at the thrift store! 




Have you played with pattern and texture in your home? Are you ready to refresh the look and feel of your space? Contact us and let us create that HGTV reveal moment for you.